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Refresh your rental property

Posted by admin on November 9, 2017
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Depending on your tenants, rental properties can take a serious hammering, and often require an update every few years to keep them appealing. A freshly updated property can attract a higher quality tenant – even a higher rental price!

Try this to – do list to update your property.

1. Do a deep clean
A big clean in between tenants can make a huge difference when it comes to the appeal of a property. Your checklist should include items such as clearing and repairing gutters and downpipes, dusting and washing light fittings and skirting boards, cleaning the exterior walls and fences, and washing windows, both inside and out.
Clean bathrooms and kitchens are especially important to prospective tenants, so have shower screens and stoves professionally cleaned, and if they’re past their use – by date, replaced.

2. Repair and replace the little things A tell – tale sign of where a fitting or fixture needs fixing – or replacing – is if they squeak, rattle or hum.
There’s nothing more off – putting to potential tenants than opening a cupboard door that has a hinge missing, or a handle that comes off in your hand.

3. Update the paint and the flooring These are the two cosmetic fixes that add maximum visual appeal to a potential tenant’s eye. Keep the colour palette completely neutral to appeal to the widest market.
White paint is the way to go to maximise light in the property and give a fresh look, while dark carpet or floating floors are low maintenance.

4. Upgrade your storage Storage is a big drawcard for pot ential tenants, and it can be added in such a way that it contributes to the aesthetic appeal of your house.

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