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Let the “de-cluttering” begin!

Posted by admin on October 8, 2017
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There are a few movements becoming popular on social media at the moment.  One is started by the book by Marie Kondo, “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up”, and the other is in the same family, the Minimalism movement.  Both movements are about reducing the possessions you have down to only the items you love, living with less and enjoying what you own.

Here are some suggestions for items that you might like to consider letting go of, to create more space in your home:

  1. Old tech gadgets – if you have cables, cords, phones, and other gadgets that you don’t use, they’re just taking up valuable space.  So collect them from around your house and recycle them.
  2. Clothes you don’t wear – Autumn is getting close, so take the time to look through your Summer clothes and donate any items you didn’t wear (or didn’t love) during the Summer.
  3. Magazines and Newspapers – if you’ve finished reading them, let them go.  You might be able to donate them, or just simply recycle them.  If they contain articles you’d like to access later, take a photo of the article and store that digitally.
  4. Books – Sure, there are some books that you read again and again, but all the other books can be sold on classified websites (like or Facebook Marketplace) or even traded in at your local second hand book store in exchange for a new book to read
  5. Keepsakes – sometimes we find ourselves storing old mementos and keepsakes, even when they don’t bring us joy. If you’d like to part with these items, take a photo of them (so you still have the memory) and then pass them on to someone else who might enjoy them more.


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