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Is your investment property ready for Winter?

Posted by admin on October 8, 2017
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The cold weather is here for the season. This list is to help you prepare your home or investment property to maintain it during the colder months.

Roofing: Check roof and around vents, skylights and chimneys for leaks.

Attics: If there is no ridge vent, keep gable vents open year-round to ensure proper ventilation.

Gutters: Clean gutters and drain pipes so leaves won’t clog them and be sure they drain away from the house.

Exterior Plumbing: Drain outside faucets to prevent bursting in freezing temperatures

Fireplace: Clean fireplace of ashes. Check chimney for loose or missing mortar. Have chimney professionally cleaned. Make sure damper closes tightly.

Filters: Remember to clean or replace HVAC filters once a month, or as needed. Check and clean dryer vent, air conditioner, range hood and room fans. Keep heating and cooling vents clean and free from furniture and draperies

Safety Equipment: Ensure that all smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors and fire extinguishers are in good working order. Replace batteries in appropriate devices as needed, or at least twice each year.

Taps: Check for leaky faucets in kitchen and bathroom(s). Replace washers as necessary.

Windows and Doors: Seal drafty doors and windows. If you add up all of the small cracks where heating and cooling escapes from a home, it would be the same as having a window open. Replace seals as needed.

Siding and Painting: Look for cracks and holes in house siding or peeling paint.

Heating System: Have heating system serviced now to eliminate costly breakdown in the winter.

Landscaping: Prune trees and remove dead branches.

Maintain the value of your home or investment property by keeping costs low with preventive maintenance for the Winter.

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