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How to rent with pets

Posted by admin on April 5, 2019
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We all love our furry friends. If you’re someone who is home on your own a lot, a pet can be an especially great companion. Owning a pet, however, can make it harder to find a rental property and keep your current property in excellent condition. While it can be challenging, having a pet doesn’t need to ruin your experience of finding a rental property or renting a home. You just need to be diligent about looking after your pet and the condition of your place. Here are our tips for renting with pets.

Be upfront and honest

When you’re first searching for a rental property, make sure you’re upfront and honest if you need to include pets on your application. Most property listings will detail if a property is pet-friendly. If the property isn’t pet-friendly and it has outdoor space, you could call the property manager to see if the owner will consider an outdoor pet. This will be up to the owner’s discretion; however, new laws in Victoria have made it easier to rent a property if you have a pet.

Consider the size of the pet compared to the size of the property

When you’re looking for properties, make sure you compare the size of your pet to the size of the properties you’re viewing. If you have a large dog, you may prefer a townhouse or detached house over a small inner-city apartment. This step is all about understanding your pet’s behaviour and what kind of environment it needs to behave and live a happy, healthy life.

Put together a pet resume

While there’s a section of your application to list the basic details of your pet, putting together a pet resume can show your potential property manager or landlord that your pet is loved and well-behaved. The resume doesn’t need to be long. You could simply include a photo, some brief details about your pet’s temperament, details of vaccinations and any references you think would help.

Monitor bathroom breaks

This one is particularly important if you live in an apartment. Make sure you know when your pet needs to have a bathroom break. If you have an outdoor area that doesn’t have grass, you could purchase an artificial grass patch to train your pet to use. Alternatively, you’ll have to be mindful of how often your furry friend needs to be taken outside for a bathroom break.

Be mindful of porous surfaces

Once you’ve been approved for a property, be mindful of porous surfaces such as carpet. These surfaces can be easily damaged, even by humans, so make sure you train your pet to stay away from these areas if you’re worried about property damage.

Renting with a pet can be stressful but keeping the above steps in mind in your property search, and once you’ve been approved for a property, can keep you, your furry friend and your property manager happy.

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