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Posted by admin on April 11, 2019
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There are lots of details you need to include in a rental application. While it may be tempting to simply fill out a 1Form application or the real estate company’s provided forms, adding a few extra details to make the property manager’s life easier in assessing your application will help you to stand out and potentially increase your chances of an approval. Here’s everything you need to include to put together a strong rental application.

Sign-up with 1Form

With a 1Form account, you can set up a renter’s profile that allows you to use all of your information to apply for several properties.

This will help you to keep your options open. When you view listings, just make sure you double check if they accept 1Form applications as some real estate agencies will need you to fill out their own application form.

Include valid identification

The key to making sure a property manager can easily process your rental application is giving them all the information they need as soon as you apply. Use an app such as CamScanner (if you don’t have a scanner) to take a clear photo of the identification documents you need to submit with your application. For identification like a driver’s licence, make sure you include a photo of the front and back of the licence.

Clearly detail your rental history

List as much detail as possible about your history. You’ll usually have space to include your last three addresses. If you know the landlord or property manager for these properties is going to be hard to contact (e.g. if they live overseas), include the details of other rental references you have who are easy to contact. If you’ve got good written references for previous rental properties, make sure you include those too. For example, you could screenshot a positive email or include a reference letter from a previous property manager or landlord.

Include a cover letter

When you submit all of your documentation for your application, include a cover letter detailing your rental history and why you’d be an excellent tenant. If you don’t have a long rental history, this is a great opportunity to demonstrate that you’re a responsible person and include any references that will strengthen your application. For example, if you’ve housesat for friends and family before, you can mention this in your cover letter.

By putting yourself in the property manager’s shoes and including as much information as possible in your rental application, you’ll increase your chances of getting an approval for your dream property.

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