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Posted by admin on August 15, 2018
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When you’re renting, it’s important that you keep your property manager updated on the state of the property so repairs and maintenance can be completed. With all the different things that may need to be done at your property each year, it’s helpful to have one list of all the things you may need help with and who to call for help. Here’s our list of the things you may need to report as a tenant and who can help.

Check your lease agreement

First things first, before you call your property manager or another professional for help at your property, check your lease agreement to see if it contains any advice on who to call for help. For example, you may have a tricky light fitting and your lease agreement may say to call your property manager, so an electrician can change the globe when needed.

General repairs and maintenance

For general repairs and maintenance, think things like your oven breaking or a ceiling fan not working, call your property manager to report the issue. One of the first things your property manager will need to do is determine what’s caused the issue, so make sure you can provide as many details and photos as possible.

Damage caused by tenants

Did you accidentally break or damage something and you know it was your fault? Accidents happen but make sure you report it promptly to your property manager. Your property manager may have preferred professionals that your landlord prefers to use, so it’s always best to get their advice first. Remember, if

something breaks or gets damaged and it’s your fault, you’ll likely need to pay for the repairs.

No water and/or electricity

If you don’t have any water and/or electricity in your property, first check with your neighbours to see if they are also having the same issue. With water and electricity problems, it can be a wider issue in the neighbourhood. A quick call to your local water or electricity provider will help you determine if it’s a utilities issue in your neighbourhood or if it’s your property only.

Internet problems

If your internet is already installed and in working order, call your internet provider if you’re having problems connecting to the internet. Your provider will be able to test your connection.

If you haven’t connected internet at your property yet, first try calling your provider to test the connection. If the connection is not active, you may need a technician to activate your network ports. This is common if you’re living in a newer property where the ports may not have been activated after the property was built.

As a tenant, little things that need repairs can be frustrating but if you know who to call first you can get the problem resolved quickly.

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