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How to freshen up your home for the new year

Posted by admin on April 5, 2019
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As the new year fast approaches, many of us are at home for a break over the holidays. With this extra time at home, it’s a perfect opportunity to refresh your home before 2019 starts. Here are some quick and easy ways to freshen up your home over your holiday break. The best part? If you’re not having time off over the holidays, these changes can easily be made in your home over a weekend or an evening.

Move around your art and other wall decorations

Do you have art and mirrors on your walls around your home? Try changing where these pieces are displayed to freshen up how a room looks and feels. You could even try displaying art on a side table or on the floor in the corner of a room. And remember, you don’t have to display all of your art and mirrors at once. This is also a perfect time to store or sell art that you’ve grown tired of seeing.

Restyle coffee tables, side tables and your kitchen

Changing what’s displayed on your coffee tables, side tables and kitchen bench is a quick and easy way to change how a room feels. You could add some of your favourite books to your coffee table, a lucite tray, a candle and some fresh flowers. Alternatively, if you tend to display several items on your tables, you could try a minimalist approach and pack some of these items away. The key here is displaying items that make you feel at home while keeping things practical — think somewhere to store your remote controls and your phone.

Change your bookshelves and kitchen shelves

If you have bookshelves and open kitchen shelves, consider changing what’s displayed in them. You could buy a small succulent plant, add some trinkets from a recent holiday to spaces on the shelf, or simply reorganise how your books are displayed. A quick search on Pinterest will provide you with lots of inspiration for organising your bookshelves. Extra points for creating an eye-catching display in organising your books by spine colour.

Pack away winter clothes

By now, you’re probably well aware of the clothes and household items you reach for more in the warmer months. If you haven’t already, try packing away your winter clothes and household items leaving the items you frequently use in the warmer months within easy reaching distance. When you store clothing, make sure everything is stored in a cool, dry area. Space bags are perfect for making sure moisture and heat are kept away from delicate clothing.

Turn your bathroom into a spa

Try adding a couple of indulgent items to your bathroom. You could add a small indoor plant, a candle and a lush new hand towel to bring some luxury to your bathroom. With all of the affordable items available in stores today, you can bring a touch of luxury to your home without the price tag.

Organising and refreshing your home before the new year starts is an excellent way to start your year on a productive note. Remember, freshening up your home doesn’t have to cost a lot. You could simply refresh your space by moving around some furniture and decluttering all of your wardrobes, linen cupboards, and kitchen cupboards and draws.

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