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Posted by admin on July 9, 2018
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In the last newsletter, we covered the steps to finding a great housemate. What if, however, you’re already living with a housemate and you’re finding it challenging? Living with a housemate can be challenging especially if you have differences in the way you approach things around the house.

While it’s natural that you’re not going to agree on everything with your housemates, following these simple steps to effectively address any difficulties you’re having with your housemates.

Keep communication open and honest.
If communication hasn’t been going smoothly between you and your housemate, make time to sit down and get everything out in the open. You never know, there are probably things that you do that could be annoying your housemate too.

Taking the time to understand where you are both coming from will allow you to have better understanding between your housemates and keep communication open for any other issues that may arise.

Address problems sooner rather than later.
So, your housemate keeps leaving their dirty dishes in the sink and it’s starting to annoy you? Don’t let these things go by unresolved. Take the time to set ground rules between you and your housemate, and if something is bothering you, talk things through as it happens rather than letting yourself get resentful.

Talk in person.
Remember it’s hard to pick up tone over text message or email, so keep your conversations to resolve issues to in- person chats. Sure, you can text your housemate to organise a time to catch up but leave coming to a resolution and talking about everything until you’re face-to-face. This will give you both time to come to the conversation with a calm approach
If you’re feeling unsure how to approach the conversation, write down exactly what your issues are and the desired outcome of your conversation before you talk to your housemate.

Take time out by yourself.
If you’re struggling with tension in your home environment due to issues between you and your housemate, make sure to take time out by yourself to relax. This will help you approach any issues with a level head and give you time to gain some perspective on your living situation. With some time out, you may even find that something that originally upset you isn’t such a big deal anymore.

Living with housemates can be difficult but keeping communication open and honest will help you live together harmoniously while ensuring any issues are addressed as they arise.

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